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The Cumbria County Crown Green Bowling Association ( hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) shall consist of the Leagues and Clubs within the boundaries of Cumbria and any such Club affiliated to these Leagues, which play bowls under the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter referred to as “BCGBA”).

  • All the aforesaid Leagues and Clubs must affiliate separately and directly to the Association.
  • The Association shall be affiliated to the BCGBA.


(a)        All Clubs shall ensure that their members shall be registered in accordance with the registration arrangements in force in any particular year. Any Club which fails to do so shall be ineligible to participate in League matches and members of such Clubs shall be ineligible to participate in Inter-County matches, competitions organised by the Association, or competitions organised by Clubs whose members are properly registered.

(b)        Secretaries of all affiliated Leagues are to send a list of all registered players, per club, to the County Registrar by 30th June of each year.

3    Officers and other appointments

  • The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected on a rota basis with pairing in alternative years so that each Officer will serve a term of two years upon appointment, the pairing will be;-
    1. President and Treasurer
    2. Secretary and Vice-President
  • A representative of the Association shall be elected annually to serve on the Management Committee of the BCGBA.
  • A Competition Secretary shall be elected to promote and organise all County competitions and must comply with their rules and Bye Laws as laid down in the Official BCGBA Handbook.
  • A Registrar shall be appointed by the Association as is required by the BCGBA.
  • A Development Officer shall be appointed by the Association as is required by the BCGBA.

The foregoing persons shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the ‘A.G.M.’).

4    The Business of the Association

The Business of the Association shall be conducted by a Management Committee which shall meet as required ( in the main monthly) and must at all times treat any business of a contentious nature in strict confidence. The Association shall comprise;

  • The Officers of the Association.
  • The representative of the Association to the BCGBA.
  • Two representatives of each affiliated League as appointed and notified by their respective League Secretaries.
  • Past Presidents of the Association.
  • One representative of the Junior Section.
  • The Development Officer.

Those in categories (i),(ii),(iii),(v) &(vi) shall have voting rights. Those in category (iv) shall not, except in the case of an A.G.M. Six members of the management committee or more having voting rights shall form a quorum.

Any Competition Secretary and/or Registrar appointed by the Association shall attend a Management Committee meeting when requested to do so by that Committee, but may attend any Management Committee meeting they wish without enjoying voting rights.

The Treasurer will prepare annually a balance sheet, and the accounts of the Association will be audited by an Auditor appointed for that purpose.

5    Meetings

(a)        An A.G.M. shall be held each year during the close season at such time and place as shall be determined by the Management Committee. Each member of the Management Committee, the Competition Secretary, the Registrar, and two delegates on behalf of each affiliated Club in membership – additionally to any member of such club serving in the aforementioned categories – shall be entitled to attend an A.G.M. and have the right to vote.

The Secretary of the Association shall give no less than 14 days’ notice of an A.G.M. to the Members of the Management Committee, League Secretaries and Club Secretaries sending them all with such notice an agenda and a copy of the balance sheet for the year expiring.

(b)        A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary at any time on receiving a requisition requiring such to be called signed by the Secretary of not less than two Leagues in membership with the Association.

(c)        An Emergency Committee Meeting may be convened by the Secretary on the authority of the President – or, in the event of absence of the President for more than a day or so, the deputy President – to deal with any maters requiring early attention. The Emergency Committee will comprise the President, Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer and the representative of the BCGBA together with any other member of the Management Committee it is felt appropriate to invite to attend. The decisions made at any Emergency Committee Meeting shall be reported to the Management Committee at the first available meeting.

6    Affiliation Fee

To be in membership of the Association in any year, a League or Club shall pay by 30th. April of that year, the affiliation fee agreed at the A.G.M. terminating the previous year. In the event of a Club not having paid the fee by the specified date, neither the Club nor any member of that Club shall be permitted to take part in any County competition or County match or League until the fee is paid.

7    County Competition Qualifiers

County competition qualifiers, for the Finals of competitions arranged by BCGBA, will be staged by the Association on an area rotation system to be determined by the Management Committee. Qualification will be on the basis laid down by the BCGBA.

8       Transfer of Club

No member of an affiliated Club shall be permitted to transfer his membership to any other affiliated Club until such time as his name is clear upon the books of the Club from which he is retiring.

9       Bowling Contests

No individual or Club shall promote a bowling contest, with entries confined to bowlers within the County, without first obtaining the approval of the Association.

10     Life Membership

Nominations for life membership of the Association will only be discussed if submitted to the Management Committee in writing.

11     Selection of County Teams

Selection of County Teams to be made by the two Team Managers & Captains, along with the County President, from players who are members of a Club affiliated to the Association. The Team Managers, Captains and a Team Secretary to be appointed at the A.G.M.

12     Junior Section

The County Junior Section will be Managed by the County Management Committee, with support from:

(a)     Junior Team Secretary, and

(b)     The two Team Managers.

The foresaid three officials shall be appointed/elected annually at the A.G.M.

The Accounts for the Junior Section will be handled as a sub-account of the main CCCGBA Accounts.

13     Complaints

Any complaints regarding this Association must be in writing to the County Secretary.

14     Insurance

County Associations will not accept into their membership or affiliation Clubs, Leagues or Associations not covered by Public Liability insurance. Clubs, Leagues or Associations not complying with this Bye Law in its entirety will be suspended until all requirements are met.

15     These Rules

(a)     None of these Rules may be altered or rescinded without the consent of the majority of those present at a General Meeting having voting rights.

(b)     Notice of Motion proposing amendment to these Rules shall be included in the Agenda for an A.G.M. only by the Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee or upon submission in writing to the Secretary by an affiliated League or an affiliated Club by 30th September prior to the A.G.M. to which the notice of Motion is to be submitted.

(c)     A copy of these Rules shall be given to each affiliated League & Club and they shall be bound thereby; No League or Club shall be absolved through a plea of ignorance of these Rules.

(d)    These Rules were amended by the A.G.M. held on 30th November 2011.